M845, M861 Stitch In Time, A

by Cedar Fort, Inc.

A Stitch in Time: A Complete Guide to Recycling Clothing and Odds-and-Ends Sewing. By Shirley Thulin. A Stitch In Time is filled with valuable tips cost-conscious homemakers can use. It emphasizes the value of storing needed sewing tools and supplies as a means of reducing costs, saving unnecessary shopping trips, and being prepared for emergencies. It treats basic sewing problems which confront every homemaker: how to patch and mend worn clothing, lengthen clothing for growing children, and prepare quilts from clothes others have outgrown or discarded. It also gives plans for making many useful items--tote bags, emergency shoes, blouses, petticoats, maternity tops, infants' pants, mittens, jumpers, patchwork skirts, etc. This is a valuable book for those looking to live frugally and trying to be prepared for any emergency.

Author: Shirley Thulin.

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