Against an Amber Sky by H. R. Holm

by Cedar Fort
Life is beautiful for fifteen-year-old Bodi Brooks. She has a wonderful family, a loyal friend, her poetry, her music, and best of all, her daydreams. Everything in her life is perfect... except for school. And her bratty cousin Staci. And that annoying boy, Syd. And the fact that the most handsome boy in the world, Freddie, doesn't know she exists. And, of course, the Vietnam war. Other than that, though, Bodi has no complaints.
In this touching story,the reader will learn with Bodi that although life doesn't always turn out the way we want, it does't mean that it can't sill be good. Against an Amber Sky is the story of a young girl who learns the importance of integrity and comes to feel the love of God as she discovers the reality of miracles.

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