Al Carraway Jewelry Package - Product Bundle

by LDSBooksAndThings
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Remember God always with this new jewelry line from Al Carraway, featuring “Oh So Blessed.” All of the beautiful, hand-crafted items feature modern styling for women of all ages.

A necklace that reminds everyone of the Savior, that He once lived and then died, but then He resurrected and He still Lives, “He Lives.”

Another necklace helps us stand up for what we believe, to be an example of Christ in our every day lives. This word: “Believer” is woven in cursive and placed into a little vial to then rest on a chain around the neck.

A bracelet that comes in two different colors, pink and green, featuring the phrase: “Don’t Ever Stop” because God wants everyone to keep going, fight through their trials, and never stop believing.

And a ring that presents the name of Al’s jewelry line, “Oh So Blessed.” Because every one of us is blessed from God, all we need to do is remember and recognize the blessings.

This jewelry line is designed so that Christians all around the world can take part in remembering the Savior and Heavenly Father every single day. A simple reminder that can dangle around a neck, hang on the wrist, or rest on the hand. Give Al Carraway’s Jewelry Line a try with this precious bundle of blessings.

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