Alfred Edersheim: Jewish Scholar for the Mormon Prophets

by CFI
As members of the LDS Church, we owe our understanding of the scriptures to many scholars, both inside and out of the LDS community. Perhaps the most influential non-LDS scholar was a man named Alfred Edersheim. Born in 1825 to Jewish parents, he became an Anglican minister, a prolific writer, and a gifted linguist. His works have been studied and quoted by Church authorities and scholars for more than a hundred years.

Edersheim used his knowledge of Jewish customs, language, and beliefs to increase Christianity's understanding of the events and teachings of both the Old and New Testaments. His scholarship, coupled with a fervent testimony of Jesus Christ, has made him one of the most influential scripture scholars of our time.

Alfred Edersheim: Jewish Scholar for the Mormon Prophets explores his life, his writings, and his influence on LDS writers, scholars, and authorities. Whether or not you are already familiar with Edersheim's work, you will enjoy reading the words of this inspiring disciple of Christ. His powerful testimony of the Savior will strengthen your own faith in the mission of Jesus Christ.

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