And It Came to Pass: Book of Mormon Chronicles by Christine Merrick

by CFI
A book that puts the Book of Mormon stories in the order they happened, And It Came to Pass: The Book of Mormon Chronicles is the perfect guide to the events of the Book of Mormon.

Rather than provide a verse-by-verse summary, this book simply tells the stories of the Book of Mormon. With fifteen years of careful research and writing to back it up, And It Came to Pass will bring knowledge and depth into the reader's study of this sacred book. Insights on culture, background, and history combined with a smooth, unembellished style preserves the beauty and spirit of the Book of Mormon while increasing the reader's understanding of the chronology and events.

An enjoyable read, this unique book will guide you day-by-day through the Book of Mormon.

  • Quotes by Church leaders shed light into the details of the stories
  • Related events are grouped together to form an easy-to-see storyline
  • Details scattered throughout the Book of Mormon are placed with the stories to which they relate
  • Modern knowledge is used to enhance understanding of ancient cultures
  • An introductory chapter, Jerusalem in 600 BC, helps set the political and moral stage leading up to Lehi's departure and the fall of Jerusalem


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