K614 And There Were Angels Among Them

by Cedar Fort

Author: Marlene Bateman Sullivan. Visits from angels are powerful evidence of the great love God has for us. This book relates actual encounters people have had with angels during the early years of the church. The many appearances of angels shows that God maintains contact with those who love him, and confirms that the gospel has been restored in these latter-days.Â

And There Were Angels Among Them first explains the general nature of angels, including their duties, responsibilities, and why they come to see us. Subsequent chapters relate specific incidents where people have actually seen and heard an angel.

Read documented accounts of angels coming to earth to heal the sick, protect people from danger, provide guidance and instruction, soothe the dying and comfort humans during trials. Other chapters relate incidents when angels have come to increase a person's faith, console those left behind when a  loved one dies, assist with temple work and have shown themselves during temple dedications.Â

This is a must-read for teacher's, history lovers and those who simply want to learn more about why angels come to earth.

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