Arise and Shine Forth: Heeding the Call to Serve by Jack Rushton Jr.

by Cedar Fort
Verily I say unto you all: Arise and shine forth, that my light may be a standard for the nations.
- D&C 115:5

December 11, 1960, Guatemala City:

I would give anything if you could see how the gospel changes these people's lives. It makes them happy and gives them something to live for. If you ever want to feel real joy and a complete peace that just fills you until you want to burst, just preach repentance to a person, and lead them to the baptismal font, and then watch and see the love and gratitude in his eyes as he leaves the water.

When Jack Rushton left the small town of Ruth, Nevada, to serve a mission in Central America, little did he know that what he was about to experience would prepare him for the rest of his life - especially the accident that would leave him paralyzed and on life support. The missionary work in Central America was still new in the late 1950s, and Jack found himself in a foreign land where many people had little respect for the missionaries - or the Church. Like most missionaries, he suffered from culture shock and an inability to speak the language. Added to that, he endured homesickness, persecution, poor living conditions, and physical ailments. But when he made a firm commitment to give himself to the Lord - to ""arise and shine forth"" no matter the cost - he began to witness miracles.

Join Elder Rushton on a journey of a lifetime in this inspiring true story, as he grows to love a people so different from himself, learns to lose himself in the service of the Lord, and comes to witness the greatest miracle of all - a change of heart both in himself and those he taught.

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