Balanced Life, A

by Cedar Fort
We all have them: trials. Whether it s dealing with a wayward child or getting along with coworkers or keeping the house clean and food on the table day after day, everyone has their own set of trials that threaten to overwhelm them. And we all know someone else who seems to have risen above their own personal crisis and is perfectly happy with their world, problems and all.

How do they do it? The secret: balance.

Balance is the foundation upon which we can build happiness and stability in life. In their book, A Balanced Life, Drs. Beckert and Brinley, psychotherapists, bring this principle to life with simple explanations to the complicated causes of the fear, confusion, depression, and frustration that seem to worm their way into every situation. They pull from years of professional experience to bring the reader proven strategies and practical solutions to finding and maintaining balance even in the hardest of life s circumstances.

Their experiences are real. Their case studies are real. Their strategies are real, and their commitment to helping people achieve balance in life is real. A Balanced Life will prove to be a valuable companion to those who are struggling to overcome their circumstances. Whether you feel that you need to turn your life completely around or simply that you want to be a happier person in general, this book with its examples and explanations will give you the knowledge you need to find the power to bring balance into your own world.

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