Challenges and Choices: Discovering the Proper Use of Agency

by Cedar Fort
May you live in interesting times, the saying says. And so we do. But with interesting times come interesting - and sometimes excruciating - challenges. We chose to accept this path on earth even though we knew there would be challenges, temptations, and heartbreak. We decided it was worth it. We fought a war in heaven to obtain the experience of having a body and using our agency, the most powerful tool we wield against Satan. In Challenges and Choices, Alan Mangum gives six keys to understanding and using our agency in both the times the sun shines on our lives and the times the storm clouds gather above us.

Using elements taken from the realms of drug rehab, Alcoholics Anonymous, professional sports training, psychology, neuroscience, and, of course, LDS doctrine, Alan Mangum makes a compelling case for each of us to accept the challenges and choices of this life. We have been given agency, and we have a responsibility to use it!

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