Clan Destine - The Ferguson Farm Mystery - Paperback

by Bonneville Books
It should have been dark and stormy the night we moved into the old Ferguson Farm. Floor boards should have been creaking, bats should have been squeaking, and ghosts should have been shrieking in the wind - all warning us to leave and never come back. After all, everyone knew the old Ferguson Farm was haunted - haunted and, what was worse, cursed.

Everyone knows that the old Ferguson Farm is haunted - everyone except Katie's parents. When the Destines buy the creepy farm with plans to turn it into a reception center and their new home as well, Katie is appalled. Only her cousins Grady and Mack are willing to brave the rumors, the ghosts, and even the third porch step in order to visit her eerie new home.

When the three make a startling discovery in the old hayloft, they realize that the farm has a secret. A big secret. They vow to uncover the truth, but the odds are not in their favor. It doesn't help that their crabby neighbor, Grimscroft, has a dark interest in uncovering the mystery himself. What's more, his greasy charm has tricked Katie's parents into giving him unrestricted access to the entire farm.

Join Katie, Grady, and Mack in their race to outwit Grimscroft and discover the truth about the mysterious Fergeson Farm once and for all.


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