M641, L851 Comprehensive Harmony/Gospels

by Horizon

This "Comprehensive Harmony of the Gospels" is one of the most valuable New Testament scripture guides in print! It's filled with useful facts that add depth and insight to gospel understanding. Which of the four gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) has the most complete record of a particular discourse of the Savior? Where and when did the event occur? What other things happened the same day? Which other passages record the same experience? This guide has the answers! It indicates where parallel passages are found in the New Testament gospels, and does it more effectively than any other harmony on the market by listing a total of 414 different episodes, far more than any other Bible Dictionaries and reference guides. It also is a "ranked" harmony, indicating which of the gospels, for each of the 414 parallel references, contains the most detail. Another valuable feature: it shows the place, date or season, and year of each event. It's filled with many other valuable items, too, including a list of all Christ's major discourses, a chronological compilation of all His parables, and biographical sketches of the twelve apostles. Numerous reference charts include the Jewish year, time systems, money equivalents, measurement calculations, climate and elevation profiles, and road-miles from Jerusalem to other cities. For ease of use and depth of information provided, "A Comprehensive Harmony of the Gospels" is unsurpassed. It's pocket-sized and inexpensive. Use it daily to enrich your understanding of the life, mission and messages of the lord Jesus Christ!

Author: Duane S. Crowther.

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