Conceiving in the Heart

by Cedar Fort, Inc.
Nobody ever said creating a family was easy. For many adoptive and foster families, the journey begins with the pain of infertility and learning to cope with the unexpected. Whether you conceive your children the old-fashioned way or open your heart and home for the miracle of adoption, building a family takes faith, hard work, and a lot of love, but the joys of being together make it all worth it.

In Conceiving in the Heart you will meet families of all shapes and sizes. Their stories are different, but the feelings that bind them to each other are universal. Join them in their miraculous journeys to becoming forever families and be inspired by these accounts of ordinary people with an extraordinary ability to love.

Deana Coreen Kastello shares her own experience of adopting, as well as many others in this heartwarming and sincere tribute to adoption and foster care. This beautiful collection of scriptures, poems, and true stories reminds us all that there is more than one way to create a family.

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