M553 Coping with Bereavement

by Cedar Fort

Author: W. Keith Hafer J.D., Ph.D.. Research shows that the seven principle losses which people endure are: (1) the loss of a loved one by death, (2) the loss of a loved one by divorce, (3) the loss of a treasured friendship, (4) the loss of citizenship or country, (5) the loss of a job or vocation, (6) the loss of a home or business, and (7) the loss of capital that represents economic protection. This book focuses on the two most severe of those types of losses: death and divorce. The grieving process is analyzed, with the typical steps in the path of recovery listed, the physical aspects of grief described, and the differences in male and female grieving explained, and then the book presents numerous principles which can be applied to hasten the recovery process.

More than 700,000 women are widowed yearly, with only 16,000 of them remarrying each year. The book deals with the social and financial challenges they must face, the typical stresses most widows encounter, and the characteristics of their depression and loneliness. It suggests numerous actions to overcome those pitfalls and describes various sources of help as solutions are sought.

A useful chapter written especially for widowers who are fathers of young children gives perspectives on their special needs.

The book also deals with surviving the many traumas of a broken marriage. The various symptoms of divorce bereavement are described, with suggestions made on how to overcome the resulting problems of anxiety, anger, fear, sadness, regret, frustration, guilt, longing, and loneliness. Specific helps for bereaved children are given, as well as detailed listings of the grief and stresses which they encounter. Useful helps for stepparents are presented. Adults are counseled on how to put their lives back together socially, financially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. An excellent chapter on trauma prevention deals with realistic ways to avoid divorce. Another treats the opportunities and challenges of living as a single person.

Solid insights, precise descriptions, sound counsel and practical solutions are the hallmarks of this book. it's not vague theory-it's a down-to-earth, nuts-and-bolts dispensing of essential information needed by every person who is coping with bereavement.

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