Ebook - Jaguars and Cannibals: True Stories of an LDS Treasure Hunter

by Plain Sight

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What I did in the next few seconds could very well determine whether I lived or died. . . . But I was far too outnumbered to even dream of coming out alive.�۝

Most people don't risk their lives every day when they show up for work. Wayne Hamby did. He worked deep in the Amazon jungles and traveled to obscure locations in South America and West Africa hunting for diamonds and other precious gemstones. Enough money was on the line that murderand even cannibalismbecame all too likely. He used up eight and a half of his nine lives avoiding execution squads, jaguars, and poisonous spiders, just to name a few.

Discover Wayne Hamby's host of near-death experiences, tales of tender mercies, and the miracles that saved his life.

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