Ebook - Soda Springs

by Bonneville

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Father, what are you doing?Tessa whispered as loudly as she dared, fearful of waking the rest of her family. Stop!�۝

Go back inside,he hissed at her.

She gasped in horror. Your uniform!Flames consumed the gray woolen coat and trousers. Why?�۝

When Tessa Darrow discovers her father burning his Confederate uniform, she has no idea that his secret will take them to the wild West. But life in the West doesnt mean forsaking the gentility of her Southern upbringing, not with the likes of William Bates and Peter Sundstrom competing for Tessas affections . . . This sweeping story illuminates an oft-forgotten era in LDS Church history. Filled with drama, humor, and enduring love, it's a thrilling read for history buffs and romantics alike.

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