Ebook - The Painting on the Pond

by Council Press

An intriguing plot meshes the past and present into a story that takes David Young down a path he never imagined in this crisp, clean mystery novel. City-born artist David Young has traveled a difficult journey during his twenty-seven years. It has finally taken him to a spectacular valley in the Pacific Northwest. Settled in a comfortable cabin he is free at last to explore, paint, and create the future of his dreams. However, a mysterious woman's disappearance, a haunting legend, and unsettling dreams unnerve David, threatening his hopes and plunging him into the most formidable struggle of his life. While he is engulfed in mystery, adventure, and romance, an unseen hand draws him to his destiny, and into the rugged wilderness of Alaska.


"In her debut novel, Sharon Koho plunges with passion into what seems at first a heartthrob romance....The notion does not last long. As ripples on the pond distort reality, Sharon reshapes our perceptions of classic romance and bids us enter a mysterious matrix of ghosts, gold, and a gust of gothic. It's a trip worth taking." --Kieth Merrill, filmmaker

"Koho's masterfully superintended work presents engaging, vivid glimpses into what is and what might have been or could be. Filled with enough artifice, intrigue, and wonderment to keep the reader engaged." --Molly Martin, Molly Martin's Reviews

"Written from a pure heart, this book is like a breath of fresh air." --Betty P. Turner, M.S., Ed. D

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