Ebook - The Perfect Fool

by Sweetwater Books

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I told the queen I would let you live, but I didnt say in what condition. Im very sorry, Farrago.Kazim pulled a rope that I hadnt noticed from his shoulder. It was attached to a clay jar I recognized. I must break you.�۝

Plucked from the streets to become a court jester, Farragos life is simple and carefree. No one demands much of him, and thats exactly how he likes it. But everything changes when Farrago begins flirting with a scullery maid named Thea. And when Farrago learns the truth about Theas identity, he must decide just how far hes willing to go for the chance to follow his heart.

This quirky medieval tale is a fun and romantic read. With a charming balance of humor and suspense, its got a plot thats full of twists and guaranteed to keep you guessing.

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