J549, K252 Feathered Philosophies

by Cedar Fort, Inc.
Feathered Philosophies: Wise Sayings From the Birds. Designed by Annette Bradshaw & Gwyn Franson. The 14 designs in this humorous book contains creative bits of wisdom accented by different varieties of birds-hens, roosters, geese, owls, quails and even a confused eagle illustrate such sayings as "When all else fails, wing it," "Don't let the world get you down," and "It ain't easy being an eagle-type person in a turkey-type world." The other sayings include: There's always one in every family tree; Keep singing, even if you're a little off key; I must have order in my life or I'll quack up; Be it ever so humble, there's no place like the ol'coop; Rooster and hen; The sun has set, the flock is pooped, at last, sweet slumber in the coop; Goose and gander; Love makes life a little softer; & Hope for the best, cope with the rest. Detailed instructions, plus a floss-needed chart and a comparison chart for DMC, Royal Mouliné and Anchor floss are included.

Author: Annette Brandshaw and Gwyn Franson.

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