M947, M871 Forgotten Love

by Cedar Fort
Author: Kara Hunt. Gone without a trace. For Matt, it is his wife who has disappeared. For Andrea, it is her memory.

When Andrea wakes up in an LA hospital, all she has are a few memories of her accident: pouring rain, gripping mud, and the terror of the flood. Rescued by her parents, Esther and Jack, she is given a chance at a new life-a life without a history. Most of her joy comes from her music and the success of her albums. As Andrea rises to fame, the memories of her past continue to hover just out of reach. When her parents refuse to give her answers, she decides to take control. But how can she find answers when she doesn't even know where to look?

Hundreds of miles away, Matt knows that he needs to forget about the wife he lost and concentrate on himself and his son. After a year of searching, he is still left wondering what happened to her. He knows that for the sake of his family he needs to move on, and with the help of Georgette, a lovely coworker, he begins to feel hope that perhaps one day life will be back to normal.

Eternal love can never be completely forgotten, however, and as Andrea and Matt each uncover the truth, they find that they are meant to be together-but the road back will be more difficult than either could have imagined.

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