How to Lengthen Your Stride Without Getting a Hernia

by Cedar Fort, Inc.
Deathly glares. Failing to clear the high bar. Men in bear suits?
Yes, men in bear suits personal fears that are creations of your imagination. What do these have in common according to K. Douglas Bassett. They re all fears faced on a daily basis.
How to Lengthen Your Stride without Getting a Hernia shares motivating stories of overcoming personal daily fears. These daily fears manifest their crippling effects in disbelief, anger, anxiety, worry, or stress. Bassett s affecting stories, humorous anecdotes, and clear insights give remedies for combating the negative effects of fear. Many of life s junctures swing between two choices deepest fear and passionate faith but with some determination and a little humor, Bassett shows how choosing passionate faith can takes many forms. Gratitude, optimism, love all lead to overcoming life s men in bear suits.
Join Bassett on his journey of finding what it takes to get out of bed on a Sunday morning when the thought of the day s activities is seemingly overwhelming when it would be so much easier to pull the covers overhead. See how his experiences of gratitude, love, humor, but ultimately faith helped to lengthen his stride and overcome his fears of the daily journey.

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