M142 How to Understand Book of Ezekiel

by Horizon Publishers

Author: Duane Crowther. Ezekiel was called as one of the Lord's prophets in Jerusalem just before the end of Jeremiah's ministry. He was a contemporary of the prophet Daniel, though his 23-year ministry was only a third as long as Daniel's 71-year calling. He began his prophetic labors in Judah, but was carried into captivity in Babylonia during the first deportation in approximately 598 BC. He lived in poverty in Babylonia. After presenting extensive background and historical data, the book analyzes each chapter of Ezekiel in one of four main sections: (1) his call to the ministry and introductory visions, (2) his prophecies against Judah and Jerusalem, (3) his prophecies against surrounding nations, and (4) his prophecies of the last days. Each chapter is outlined and provides numerous historical and interpretational notations. Ezekiel is the most important scriptural source for many key last-day doctrines. These include the restoration of the house of Israel, with the ten tribes and Judah reunited in their promised land; the rule of David the prince; the battle of Armageddon; the rebuilding of the Jerusalem temple and the reinstituting of temple ordinances there; and the expanded borders of the land of Israel in the last days. No other book is as effective a study guide for Latter-day Saint readers on Ezekiel's great prophetic contributions as How to Understand the Book of Ezekiel.

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