L851 I'm the One Standing Next to the Ox

by Horizon Publishers

The Church's sesquicentennial re-enactment of the Mormon pioneers' westward march touched the hearts of millions worldwide, motivating many groups to undertake their own pioneer treks. This novel is the tale of one such group: the fictional Prairie City Nebraska Ward that pledges to make a trek across Nebraska. The story unfolds through the eyes of Christy Walker, whose blooming teenage femininity makes her a reluctant participant in the excursion. She would rather dream of romance with her family's handsome young home teacher--fellow high school senior Ryan Flynt--than participate in a strenuous march across the Nebraska landscape. When the trip begins. Christy's little brother suddenly is threatened by an intractable ox. To everyone's surprise. Christy comes to the rescue and is the only one capable of controlling the feisty animal. Over her strenuous complaints, she is assigned as Old Ned's handler for the ballance of the trip. She learns not only how to handle an ox, but how to deal more effectively with other kinds of stubborn animals. Like Dads. As the wagon train moves along the trail, twists and turns as rugged as the rocks and rivers that stand in their way make this story one of inspiration and humor. The group's arrival at their destination during a tremendous trainstorm leads to events that bring the book to an exciting conclusion. This delightful tale of modern pioneers is great reading for

Author: Shirley Bock Jesti.

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