Jesse's Highway

by Cedar Fort
""If any group decides to swarm, I command you to fire directly into them.""

Such was the order that began Jesse's journey. When, as a guard, he is forced to fire upon a group of prisoners, he kills a man. The only identification found on the body is a small bible with a name inside: Peter Beaudine.

After the war, Jesse vows to return the bible to the family and tell them how sorry he is for what he has done. However, when he meets the Beaudines, he finds he can't confess his role in Peter's death. Instead, he tries to pay his debt-and soothe his conscience-by helping the family build a road. As time passes, Jesse realizes he can't hide the truth forever. But how can he tell them he killed their son? If he does, will this family he has come to love hate him forever? Most of all, he's worried about how their daughter, Laura, will react. If he tells the truth, will she ever be able to forgive him?

From the author of The Golden Verses comes a tale of love, forgiveness, miracles, and ultimately, redemption. Jesse's Highway is the story of two soldiers, a road, and the path that one man must take to overcome the consequences of a lie.

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