Making Precious Things Plain: A Book of Mormon Study Guide (Vol. 1) - Paperback

by Cedar Fort

Author: Randal Chase. A companion to your study of the Book of Mormon, Making Precious Things Plain is a rich resource for teachers, students, and gospel scholars alike. In this volume full of supplemental material, Dr. Randal Chase, a veteran Institute and Gospel Doctrine teacher, shares years of insights into the scriptures by exploring scriptural symbolism, background, culture, and chronology, as well as the words and teachings of gospel authorities.

This unique study guide of the Book of Mormon provides new depth and understanding to the scriptures. Readers will enjoy Dr. Chase's relaxed style and easy presentation as they gather information, clarification, and quotes that can be used for either private study or public speaking. A welcome addition to any library, this guide will provide the tools necessary to come to a deeper understanding of the Book of Mormon.

Dr. Randal Chase is a popular teacher and speaker, both in and out of the LDS Church. An expert in the field of communication, he has been a professor at schools across Utah, including the University of Utah, Salt Lake Community College, and Dixie State College. He has taught Institute and other Church Education programs for over thirty-three years.


My father knew I was actively studying the scriptures in pursuit of a clear understanding, so he sent me a copy of "Making Precious Things Plain." I relate the book to 2 Nephi 25 where Nephi is speaking plainly for the benefit of all. I appreciate the plain approach, and find that my learning is most effective when I decide to be humble, listen and ask for understanding through prayer. I have much practice and experience in being humble, so I truly appreciate, and profit by, this book's approach.

I was so impressed with "Making Precious Things Plain" that I purchased a copy for our Gospel Doctrine teacher. She is a wonderful saint with a veracious appetite for the Gospel. As a result, we have had several discussions about how helpful we find the books' insights, and how it aids our understanding, which resultantly benefits our whole ward family. Thank you for your spiritual contributions.

-Steven Judd, FL

President Ezra Taft Benson has said, "There is a book we need to study daily, both as individuals and as families, namely the Book of Mormon. I love that book. It is the book that will get a person nearer to God by abiding by its precepts than any other book." (Ensign, May 1986) For those who are ready to move from a casual reading to a serious study of the Book of Mormon, "Making Precious Things Plain", by Randal S. Chase, is a great series to begin with. These books contain a wealth of information, including many quotes and additional scriptural references. These books have the potential to bring a greater understanding of the Book of Mormon, a book written for our day.

In these study manuals, Randal S. Chase has assembled a vast collection of gospel quotes. The majority of these come from past and present prophets, apostles, and general authorities of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Some of these quotes are humorous and some are purely informative. All of them will help the reader to reach a new level of faith and understanding. These quotes are liberally interspersed with scripture references that bring greater clarity to the verses that are being studied. All of these quotes and references are tied together with snippets of commentary from the author.

Dr. Chase writes in a very personal, upbeat manner. Studying with these manuals has the feel of attending one of Dr. Chase's institute classes. It is like listening to an institute lesson, rather than reading the lesson plan. These manuals would be slightly more readable, however, if they were printed in the traditional two-column per page format that most study guides use. Each of these books contains a great deal of information, so much so, that it would not be unusual to take several days studying one or two chapters of the Book of Mormon. The books are set up so as to encourage a detailed study of small sections at a time.

I would recommend these books for any beginning student of the Book of Mormon. They will help the reader to form a daily habit of serious study. When used in conjunction with the Book of Mormon, these books can establish a pattern for learning and increase understanding of how and why to apply the scriptures to our own lives. These manuals are more structured than might be comfortable for readers who have a long-standing practice of daily study. Those who are at a more intermediate or advanced level of study will still enjoy the many quotes and scriptural references offered, although the commentary is best suited to those who are beginning their studies.

-Jaymie Reynolds

Having been taught by this man over the years he really makes the goospel easy to understand. This book is an extension of that teaching. Making Precious Things Plain is the perfect title and you will have a better understanding.

-James Chase, Utah

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