Miracles of the Book of Mormon: A Guide to the Symbolic Messages - Hardcover

by CFI

From a night with no darkness to healing prayers to Timothy being raised from the dead, just like the Bible, the Book of Mormon presents countless real miracles (including miracles of Jesus). Whether you're a student or teacher of the gospel, you'll enjoy Alonzo Gaskill's compilation of the definitions, lessons, history and symbolism behind each of these miracles. Gain a deeper understanding of the keystone of our religion and discover why the these miracles still matter for your life today.

  • Divine direction from the Liahona
  • Burdens made light
  • A night with no darkness
  • Prison walls crumbling

Each miracle in the Book of Mormon illustrates the Lord's love for His disciples. Take a closer look at the numerous divine acts Christ performed for his other sheep in the Americas.

Alonzo Gaskill, renowned scholar and author of Sacred Symbols and The Truth about Eden, walks readers through the miracles of the Book of Mormon, offering new perspectives to enhance understanding and deepen testimonies

For each miracle, you'll find

  • Historic, geographic, cultural, and linguistic background information
  • Scriptural citations
  • A discussion of the symbolic elements
  • Ancient and modern commentary for personal application

Perfect for teachers, speakers, and disciples alike, Miracles of the Book of Mormon will illuminate the Lord's love in a whole new way and help you draw closer to the Savior.

Author: Alonzo L. Gaskill
Specifications: 464 pages - 6x9
Expected Release: Early November 2015

Book Endorsements:

"Any who read and study this book will have a deeper and broader understanding of miracles in the Book of Mormon. It not only gives more understanding for the miracle being considered, but also gives excellent in-depth instruction on how to gain much more from one's personal scripture study. It will be a valuable addition to personal gospel libraries."
--David J. Ridges, author of the Scriptures Made Easier series

"This book is a treasure! Just as he has done in previous works, Alonzo L. Gaskill once again brings scriptural miracles to life! This outstanding book provides a wonderful way to study the Book of Mormon and recognize God's handiwork and involvement in our lives. I am going to be relying heavily on this insightful book in my classes and lessons. It help us understand not only the miracles of the past but also the symbolic blessings and applications of those miracles today. Most important, Brother Gaskill focuses us on understanding and applying the Atonement of Jesus Christ--the greatest miracle of all."
--Brad Wilcox, Brigham Young University professor, author of The Continuous Atonement and The Continuous Conversion

"Alonzo Gaskill has broken new ground, sharing ingenious insights into the symbolism of little-known miracles in the Book of Mormon. This intriguing analysis gives us a deep description of God's miracles, as Dr. Gaskill rejuvenates sometimes superficial stories into relevant miracles for every student on every level of the Book of Mormon."
--Andy H. Skelton, instructor of seminaries and institutes

"When thinking about miracles in the scriptures, my mind always went to the New Testament. Not anymore. Alonzo Gaskill reminds us of the myriad and varied miracles found in the Book of Mormon. In addition, he unveils symbolic insights and personal applications of these miraculous scriptural events, enabling readers to recognize the miraculous in their own lives."
--Dr. Richard G. Moore, retired instructor of seminaries and institutes

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