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Music credit for Mormon Pioneer Dances



The Grand March (“Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine,” “Jimmy Allen,” “Marching through Georgia”)—\ the Beehive Band

The Virginia Reel (“Washington County,” “Soldier’s Joy,” “Angeline the Baker,” “Mississippi Sawyer,” “Yellow Rose of Texas”)—the Beehive Band

Haste to the Wedding—the Beehive Band

Seven-Step Schottische—Buckle Busters and Pattie Richards

Oslo Waltz (“Black Hills Waltz”)— the Beehive Band

Spanish Waltz—Institute of American Music

Danish Slide-Off—David Sealander, accordion and Krista Baker, violin

Heel-Toe Polka (“Jenny Lind Polka”)—Institute of American Music

Patty-Cake Polka (“Cuckoo Polka”)—the Beehive Band

Oak City Quadrille

  • Figure 1 (“The Girl I Left Behind”)—the Beehive Band
  • Figure 2 (“Johnny Blevin’s Quadrille”)—the Beehive Band
  • Figure 3 (“John Perry’s Quadrille”)—the Beehive Band
  • Figure 4 (“Golden Slippers”)—the Beehive Band

The Caledonian Quadrille

  • Figure 1 (“Bonnie Breast of Knots”)—Krista Baker, piano
  • Figure 2 (“Annie Laurie”)—Krista Baker, piano
  • Figure 3 (“Coming Thro’ the Rye”)—Krista Baker, piano
  • Figure 4 (“Logie O’Buchan”)—Krista Baker, piano
  • Figure 5 (“All the Blue Bonnets”)—Krista Baker, piano

Plain Quadrille

  • Figure 1—Krista Baker, piano
  • Figure 2—Krista Baker, piano
  • Figure 3—Krista Baker, piano
  • Figure 4—Krista Baker, piano
  • Figure 5—Krista Baker, piano

Marlbrouk Cotillion—Idlewild Band

The Money Musk—Richard Ebling, piano; Adam Ebling, fiddle; Mark Jardine, fiddle

French Four (“Mason’s Apron/Speed the Plow”)—the Beehive Band

Twin Sisters (“Land O’ Sweet Erin”)—Idlewild Band

Fisher’s Hornpipe—the Beehive Band

Miss McCleod’s Reel—the Beehive Band

Opera Reel—Idlewild Band

Sir Roger de Coverley (“Sir Roger de Coverley,” “Andrew Carey,” “Rakes of Westmeath,” “Hip Doctor”)—Institute of American Music

Ninepin Quadrille (“Irish Washerwoman,” “Gary Owen,” “Go to the Devil and Shake Yourself”)—Institute of American Music

Danish Waltz (“Spat Waltz”)—Buckle Busters and Pattie Richards

Den Toppede Høne (The Crested Hen)—Institute of American Music

The Scotch Reel—the Beehive Band

Old Dan Tucker (“Old Dan Tucker,” “Over the Waterfall”)—the Beehive Band


The Beehive Band

  • Mark Jardine—fiddle
  • Paul Rasmussen—guitar and mandolin
  • Stan Jensen—tin whistle and button accordion
  • Cory Webster—fiddle, banjo, and harmonica

Idlewild Band

  • David Sharp—guitar, cittern, Celtic flute, and bones
  • Krista Baker—violin
  • Carol Sharp—tin whistle and tambourine

Buckle Busters and Pattie Richards

  • Cory Webster—fiddle and guitar
  • Pattie Richards—accordion and piano
  • Richard McClure—fiddle
  • Tom Smart—fiddle
  • Lewis Downey—guitar

Institute of American Music

  • Mark Geslison—recording, editing, and mixing
  • FOR THE SONG “Crested Hen”
    • Mauresa Bastian—accordion
    • Mark Geslison—bass
    • Alina Bagley—fiddle
  • FOR THE SONG “Ninepin Quadrille”
    • Alina Bagley—fiddle
    • Mark Geslison—guitar
    • Alexandra Ahern—flue
    • Ed Austin—bones
  • FOR THE SONG “Heel-Toe Polka”
    • Bryson Tudor—guitar
    • Taylor Tudor—fiddle
  • FOR THE SONG “Sir Roger de Coverley
    • Alexandra Ahern—flute
    • Grace Dayton—fiddle
    • Mark Geslison—Bodhran
  • FOR THE SONG “Spanish Waltz”
    • Lauren Scoville—piano
    • Hillary Kimball—flute
    • Grace Dayton—fiddle

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