Q234 Now What Do You Believe?

by Cedar Fort
Author: Gregory R. Wille. In the time of Christ, the doctrine of His Church was pure and simple. But almost from the moment Christ's teachings left his mouth, they began to be changed. Whether to serve the purposes of corrupt leaders or simply through misunderstandings and repetition, the present-day teachings of much of Christianity have strayed far from the plain and precious truths that formed the cornerstone of Christ's original Church. In Now What Do You Believe? Greg Wille takes a hard look at some of the most controversial tenants of Christianity today. In his exploration of the basis for original sin, infant baptism, and the doctrines of exclusionism, inclusionism, and moral relativity, we find a common thread: the true doctrine of Christ was based on God's love for His children and the fairness of Christ's plan for our mortal lives. Both of these keys are missing from the teachings of much of the world today.

Part scholarly analysis and part personal testimony, Now What Do You Believe? clarifies misunderstood LDS teachings about the erroneous Christian teachings in the world today.

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