L447 Scientific Discoveries

by Horizon Publishers
Author: Dan Neville. Ever wondered how Noah s flood could have happened? Or how the ancients lived hundreds of years longer than we do? Or how God travels around his universe? We learn about many things in the scriptures that seem more like fantasy than science. But in modern times, science has made many advances that now make answers possible. Scientific Discoveries provides explanations for these and other questions that were previously unanswerable, such as:

How did the Creation happen?
Is prayer a scientific possibility?
Evolution: fact or fiction?
How does the mystery of light prove God exists?

In Scientific Discoveries the contradictions of science and religion are resolved. Providing answers to many of the questions of how our universe works, Dan Neville expertly explains how science actually supports the existence of God.

Scientific Discoveries is a great read for those who love science or want to learn more about how science and religion go hand in hand.

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