J125, J451 Sharing Through Song 2008

by Cedar Fort
Author: Alison Palmer. Music can teach when words fail. Combining words and music creates beautiful opportunities for children to learn in a way they will always remember. When music and gospel lessons are combined, young minds are enlightened and better able to understand gospel messages. However, this can often be a challenge that requires early preparation and more communication and cooperation among teachers.

Like the first three volumes, Sharing Through Primary Songs Volume Four helps accomplish this by combining music time and lesson time through twenty-four easy-to-prepare lessons. Each lesson includes a list of materials, necessary preparations, teaching suggestions, and songs to help children learn the gospel principles outlined in the 2008 Primary theme, I Am a Child of God.

Bear your testimony through song. Help children feel the Spirit and know that the gospel is true. Make teaching children more effective and fun With Sharing Through Primary Songs Volume Four!

Other works by Alison Palmer include Sharing Through Song Volume One, Planting Seeds of Faith: Fun Character-building Activities for LDS Children; Sharing Through Song Volume Two, I Will Trust in Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ-Their Promises Are Sure; Walking the Path of Faith: More Fun Character-building Activities for LDS Children; and Sharing Through Primary Songs Volume Three, I'll Follow Him in Faith.

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