Q635,Q662 Simply Sane:Living Outside the Fast Lane

by Cedar Fort
Author: Debbie Bowen. In today s competitive world, we often push to do our best at everything, only to discover that we have to outsmart, outpace, and outdo others in order to succeed. As victims of this be-all, do-all mentality, we keep pushing, which often leads to more frustration, unhappiness, and stress.

Debbie Bowen held this same view that she needed to do everything for everyone perfectly. That all changed when she discovered that she simply could not do it she couldn t save all the starfish on the beach. Changing her perspective took some time, but she gradually learned to slow down, let go, and go without and that has made all the difference.

Learn about three harmful myths that we often fall prey to, ways to simplify our lives from cleaning our houses to organizing holidays, and how to live outside the fast lane.

Simply Sane: Living Outside the Fast Lane is an excellent resource that all parents should have!

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