View from the Attic Window, A

by Cedar Fort
Janie has a temper, and it often gets her into trouble. For instance, there was the time she threw a book the most popular guy in the school, Radford Reese, when he and his friends taunted her - even though he happens to be her crush. It also got her into trouble with her sister, Mary, and Mary's fickle fianc e, Paul, who Janie desperately wants to get rid of.

After Janie tames her temper, she regrets what she has done. Can she find a way to make amends without making a fool of herself? Janie likes to retreat to her own special room in the attic, to record her thoughts and feelings and make plans as she gazes out over her town through the window.

As the view from the attic window changes through the days and seasons, Janie's life changes with it. A devastating tragedy and the loss of a loved one will bring Janie face to face with a choice she doesn't know if she can make. What is more important: her family, or her dreams for the future? She will also discover that Rad isn't quite as proud as she'd once thought him to be - perhaps it wasn't such a bad idea to have a crush on him all those years ago, after all. And maybe, just maybe, he never really thought of her as ""Jane, Jane, skinny and plain,"" either.

In her ninth book, A View from the Attic Window, popular author Alene Roberts will take the reader to the charming mountain town of Silver Springs, Colorado, to a world and a story they will never forget.

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