Visions of Glory [5-year anniversary edition]

by CFI
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Experience the near-death phenomenon that has stunned thousands of readers. These true visionary accounts include the miracles of the millennium, the return of the Ten Tribes, the building of the New Jerusalem and temple, and many other astonishing events long prophesied in scripture but never before described in such vivid detail.

In this new edition, you'll also find an in-depth interview between late author John Pontius and Spencer--the man who witnessed it all.

About the Author:

John Pontius is the best-selling author of Visions of Glory, Journey to the Veil, Following the Light of Christ into His Presence, The Triumph of Zion, and the Millennial Quest fiction series. Before he passed away, he wrote a popular blog UnBlogMySoul which continues to be followed by thousands of readers.

Noteworthy Releases:
– Visions of Glory: One Man’s Astonishing Account of the Last Days
– Journey to the Veil
– Following the Light of Christ into His Presence

I resisted reading Visions of Glory for quite some time. After reading other books by Brother John, (as he would sign off on his blog), and having many friends recommend it, I could no longer put it off. The insights gained from reading this book have been almost overwhelming. Whether you find the story believable or not, it certainly gives one something to ponder. It is important to remember that these visions were specific to one person and not intended to be prophetic or supersede any counsel from LDS General Authorities. I did find however, my mind was opened to a better understanding of certain principles and scriptures. This has lead to many personal meditations and realizations regarding our purpose in life. Always follow the living prophet! Seek personal revelation! Live righteously! And, recognize the worth of a soul is great! I highly recommend this book! --Amazon

I was very critical of this book, at first... but I allowed myself to read it (listened to audiobook) simply as someone's story, and not an attempt to create a new prophecy, or a scripture, but simply a vision of the brother, who was trying to share with the world about their life and the visions that they have experienced. This book affected me in such a way that my love for the Savior has grown since and this vision sort of became my own. Being a church member, a lot of things actually felt very close to my heart. I wasn't sure, at first, if I should take any of that to heart, but I prayed to Heavenly Father and received some amazing inspiration through the author's story. The Second Coming of the Lord now seems even more realistic and a lot of events described in this book seem very very plausible. Then again, I don't believe that anyone should take any of these as direct events and facts that will take place in specifically the same ways. The "Afterward" mentions that some of the events change from fact to a metaphor and this change is ongoing. I recommend this book! if you are not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints, try to read this without prejudice, if you are a member, ask God for guidance and some amazing things may be opened to you. --Amazon

What an awesome book!! While it's an account of one man's personal experience and visions it is interesting to read what he saw and experienced. It really is an eye opener and puts things in a whole new perspective to some of the 'behind the scenes' stuff we don't normally see, hear or realize exists and to what degree and in that kind of detail. There is no doubt in my mind this man experienced these things, that has been confirmed to me and I appreciate him sharing this for those who are ready to hear and learn from it. I love that he wants to remain unknown to keep the '15 mins. of fame' off of him for various, honorable reasons and keep it where we know it belongs to. He knows his place and makes it clear he's not trying to become above anything. That's a humble man and a true disciple of Christ. --Amazon 

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